Monday, August 21, 2006


It's the first day of school. DD(9) starts co-op today. I'm more nervous than she is!

I was feeling all together. I've planned for this day for months. The only "snag" was that I'd gotten a call a couple of weeks ago saying that one of Jill's classes had been cancelled. It was the last class of the day (as the director told me on the phone), so no huge deal. We just get her back a little early!

But the schedule, with every 15 minutes planned throughout the day, was already done. And I didn't bother changing it. Figuring I would do that today, as the day wore on and we saw how it played out.

So late last night, too late, Jillian asked to see her schedule. I brought it out. And guess what?

The class that was cancelled was the FIRST class of the day. Not the last.

I'm glad I didn't re-do the schedule. All it really meant was that we got to sleep in on this first day. Which is super nice.

And now we're off!

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