Friday, August 04, 2006

What is it About Fridays?

I love Fridays. Don't ask me why. It must be something of a kickback from my youth. Friday meant the end of the school week. There was nothing but fun. Friday nights were amazing. You knew you could sleep in the next day! And you had the whole Saturday for whatever your heart desired.

With children, that changed. Didn't my babies know it was Saturday and they should sleep in? No. They didn't. (As they get older, they seem to have figured this out.)

So now it Friday again. And don't they seem to be coming around more and more quickly as we get older? And it's the END of my 4th week of my scheduled house keeping. And it's all coming together. Slowly. Painstakingly. But coming together!


I made my first whole crockpot chicken the other day. I wish I'd have made pictures. It turned out *so* pretty. For a dead bird, I mean.

That night, we had chicken, fried green tomatoes (my first attempt and *marvelous* if I do say so myself) and the family had rolls.

Yesterday, the family had my first attempt of wheat bread (thumbs up all around) with shredded chicken and chicken gravy poured over the top.

Now, today, they profess that they are nowhere NEAR tired of this bird and are requesting homemade white bread rolls, smothered in mayo, with bbq chicken. And probably something real healthy, like chips. ; )

So who am I to refuse?

This $3 chicken will have provided my family with meat for 3 dinners. And there will probably be some left to go in the freezer.

I don't know how you can beat that.

Hmmm...I should think about putting a breakdown of meals here.

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