Monday, August 14, 2006


Okay, blogger is acting funny. I have no idea if this will post or not.

Church was great yesterday. We came home afterward and DH went for a bike ride. I mowed the yard and then the girls and I watched a little TV. Then I read the bible for a while.

The girls have a youth group at church on Sunday afternoons now. It's brand new and just started. This was the second week and the parents stayed with them the first week. So this was their first week alone. They seemed to love it.

And DH and I had a wonderful time. We went downtown to a little coffee shop, got a coffee, and then went for a walk downtown. There was a metal sculpture garden that was fun to walk through. Then we drooled at some condos that they're putting up almost on the river. There was a guy down there renting bikes. We looked into it, thinking if it were cheap enough we could drive down with the girls and rent bikes one day (and not have to haul ours down). It was **$40** a day! Each!

We'll haul ours down. : )

Not much got done in the house this weekend. We're totally out of bread. So I've got my first dough in the breadmaker. I'll make rolls out of this and then put on a loaf.

I'm working on my third load of laundry. And I've still got my "normal" Monday things to get done. Plus, there is a man here working on the pool pump. So I'd better run and take care of things.

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