Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Already?

After reading here for a while about this mother and that mother making their own bread, I wanted a breadmaker. Again. Yes, I'd had one before. I tried. Oh how I tried to make good bread with it. I never...never did. But I learned to make dough and then baked it in whatever form in the oven.

Skip forward a few years and we don't eat a lot of bread anymore. My life is busy and I don't have time to make the bread. This huge machine is taking up valuable countertop space. So I give it to my mom. (It's still taking up space on her countertop. I asked about it yesterday.)

I digress. I wanted a breadmachine. I wanted one that makes horizontal loaves. (The previous one made round(??) loaves. But how could I justify spending the money when I'd *had* one and then given it away?

Ebay of course!

As a side note, do you ever feel guilty when you get a deal that's too good to be true on ebay? When you find that someone didn't list something exactly as it should have been listed to get the maximum dollar for their product? Or just for whatever reason just isn't selling?

I do.

Again, I digress. I like to "research" things. Makes me sound wild and exciting huh? So I had definite ideas of what kind of bread machine I wanted to find. But what I was finding was truly way more than I was willing to spend for a used bread machine.

And then I type in something or other and up comes a breadmachine that I wasn't considering. I opened it for some reason. Never heard of it. So what do I do? I research it of course! (Mainly because it had a starting bid of $5 and the seller was in TN also so the shipping was less than $9.)

Well, guess what? It tends to be a great machine! Can't find anything "bad" on it really. The worse thing was that the top didn't brown exactly evenly sometimes. So...I watch it.

Time goes by and NO ONE is bidding on this machine.

At the very last minute I go in and bid on it.

And I got it.

For $5 (+ shipping).

And this is what came in the mail a short week later. Yes, it huge. It's a monstrosity. It's love at first sight.

(Okay, I give. Blogger hates me. I've tried for *ever* (at least 20 mommy minutes, which is well, you know, much more than other minutes...think of it as dog years?) to upload more pics and "page can't be displayed".

Oh, it toys with me first though. It *acts* like it's going to post it. It (usually) accepts the URL and then says it's publishing it...but oh ... it ... is ... not.

So I'll try again later.

Try to think of it as a cliff-hanger?)

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