Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I suppose I should get used to it. Fall is on it's way with all the related activities. It began yesterday with one activity and then another.

And have you noticed that when you go to any child function for the first time in the season, you'd better bring 2 things.

1. Your checkbook
2. Your calendar

Cause things are going to be piled on.

I've accepted this. Almost.

On an unrelated topic, you'd think, having a 19yo, that I'd be used to my childrens bd's. That they might lose some of the magic.

But they never, never do.

I never realized what my birthday might have meant to *my* mom. When I went about the day having my fun and parties and friends.

It's such a time of reflection to me. And so special. With each girl. Every year.

This is my 11yo and my (newly) 9yo making the cake that Jill wanted. A Coca-Cola Cake. Oh, and we had to make *2*. One for the family and one for the Girl Scouts. (Which it's a good thing we did, because the Girl Scouts ate an *entire* cake.)

This is the cake. We have to put pecans on only half because, while my girls love pecans, they don't want them on cake? And no, she's not 81. Or 8. But she insisted on using last years candle (which I have NO idea why we even still have) plus one more candle. We *had* 9 candles. Really. But you can't argue with 9yo logic I suppose.

Who doesn't love presents?

I *love* this picture. Jill has wanted a particular video game for over a year. Which at 8, is like dog years I suppose. The thing is, she didn't have the system to play this video game. So when I found one used, and found the game used, I thought it might be a hit. And I love that my girls don't at *all* care if their stuff is used.

Another face that I love. You can't fake this kind of enthusiasm. Well, not at 9 anyway. ; )

I think she likes it.

But maybe she likes the bubblewrap more?

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