Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just Quickly

DH's friend is coming into town and over for supper tonight.

I slept in for some odd reason. The doorbell woke me. It was UPS.

DH was looking for some specific pictures of his old cars the other day and got out our boxes of pictures. It's amazing the memories these bring up and it's renewed my resolve to make more pictures again.

He found so many pictures that he just couldn't put back in the boxes.

We've had this frame for a while:

And we absolutely love it. Why on earth I've not gotten more of them is just beyond me. You load between 12 and 40 pictures in this frame. There is a little lever on the side that you pull and it scrolls through the pictures. So it takes about 1 second to change the picture in your frame. And they're all in there safe.

The one I had in the den (you can see it in the den pictures if you look closely) had many pictures that we could change all the time. At Christmas, we'd scroll to last years Christmas picture. At Easter, the Easter pics, etc.

It was time to get more.

I thought I'd bought this one on QVC years ago, but I couldn't find them there anymore. So I found them here.

I ordered them Monday. They came today. Excellent customer service. And now I can get more of my pictures where they are easily viewable.

And besides, I needed more stuff to do before school starts next week. ; )

As a side note, I made this spinach dish the other day.

It turned out *great* and it's so incredibly easy to make. Even the little girls clamored for more.

If anyone is interested in the recipe, I'll be happy to post it.

And speaking of incredibly easy to make...and tasty! I'm always looking to make mornings easier. I love the make ahead pans of breakfast food. And since I'm making bread, we frequently have some that is getting a little stale (2 days old with homemade bread). Amy has this super easy Oven French Toast recipe here:

I mashed some strawberries and softened a block of cream cheese and put it between the layers.

Needless to say, it was a huge hit.

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