Thursday, December 28, 2006


It was such a nice Christmas. The only thing I didn't get do that I really wish I had was to make lots of pictures. I had the camera back, so I really have no excuse. We did video it for the most part though. We slept in until 7:30 which is *wonderful*. No more 4am Christmas mornings! The girls were all happy with their gifts. They got these new cell phones that they have absolutely not let out of their hands. It's pretty sweet.

I got a heated blanket! I'm in love. I tend to always be cold and I drift off like a baby when I'm warm. So this is a perfect gift for me. I also got candles and many gift cards. So lots of shopping in my future! Mike also always renews my B&N member card. I love that.

My aunt got me this little chocolate pot that melts chocolate for you. Now this would be a lovely gift by itself, BUT it's funny too. I used to make molded chocolates for Christmas for everyone. Boxes and boxes of chocolates. With all different kinds of homemade fillings. It would take 2-3 full days and the kitchen would look like a disaster area. But it was so beautiful and *so* good (if I do say so myself). This is the 3rd year that I've not done it. It has to be done not more than a few days from when you want to give it (so very close to Christmas) and that is such a hard time to commit that kind of time to a project. So the chocolate pot was a subtle hint. LOL Well, that and then asking me flat out where the chocolate was this year. I suppose I'll have to find some way to do it next year. And I love the chocolate pot.

We took the tree down yesterday. It's early I know. But late for us. We usually do it on the 26th. We've been known to do it on the 25th before. I like to get my house back in order. So we got all the Christmas stuff put up for another year. Or 10 months at least. ; ) And I cleaned for an hour or so. I plan to do some more cleaning today. And do a little grocery shopping.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

And So It Begins

We've already had our little Christmas get-together with part of my family. That was this past Tuesday.

Today we go to the in-laws. I was up early making a cake. I made some slaw last night. I think I have everything done. LOL I hope so anyway.

Tomorrow morning is church, of course. Then it's Christmas Eve with my great-aunt.

Lots to bake and do and even groceries still left to buy. It's going to be a busy few day.

And I'm so looking forward to it.


Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today is my 21st wedding anniversary.

Where have the years gone? They slip through your fingers like water.

In honor of this day I'm going to list 21 things that I love about my husband.

1. He's smart.
2. He's the sexiest man I've ever met.
3. He has an incredible sense of humor. He "gets" me. I "get" him.
4. He has a huge heart, though he tries to hide it at times.
5. He has the best work ethic of anyone I've ever known.
6. He's determined.
7. He's persistent.
8. He is fierce with his love for our girls.
9. He loves dogs.
10.He loves Christ.
11. Though he probably gets scared, you'd never know it.
12. He never seems to mind handling any bug that happens into our life.
13. He's enthusiastic.
14. He loves my cooking.
15. He warms my side of the bed at night before I come to bed.
16. He always has words of encouragement.
17. He has a calm, soothing presence.
18. His arms. Always have loved them.
19. He roots for the underdog.
20.He won't lie.
21. He listens.

The list could go on, but in keeping with the theme, I'll stop there.

I'll just say that after all these years, he says he still feels like I'm too good to be true. That he's waiting for the other shoe to fall. And I happen to feel exactly the same way about him.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Looking Up

Well, it looks like things are looking up around here. The girls are better (and we've not gotten it yet). They're still coughing this deep chest cough, but they *feel* good now and that's a good thing. Plus the fevers are all gone.

Thank you so much for your prayers. camera came back in the mail today! There may be Christmas pictures after all!

I took some pic's of our gingerbread house that Jillian and I made while she was feeling poorly with my digital camera. I'll try to post that later. Though the quality will be poor.

Julia has an overnight tonight, and we have to get a birthday gift for the little girl. We also have 3 other last minute gifts to get and some dog treats for their stockings (I know, we're insane).

Normally, I would feel a bit stressed to have to do this so close to Christmas, but today I just feel so blessed that we're all able to get it done. Perspective is everything.

Note to self: Write about our Christmas party with my family.


Friday, December 15, 2006

This Week

The girls finished their co-op school this week (and Jessica finished her college exams), just in time to get sick. : (

Jillian came down with some type of fever/sore throat thing on Wednesday and is *still* not feeling well. She's been in bed since then and I know when she's in bed, she's not feeling well. Plus, the fever is still there when she's off Tylenol for more than a day. And I would just try to let the fever run it's course. I'm a big believer in the body healing itself. But unfortunately, my girls are like me and get sick (tummy sick) with *everything*. Including a fever. order to keep fluid in them, Tylenol it is.

So about 5am Julia got up with a fever too.

They're both so disappointed because they had the pretty rare sleepover tonight that it looks like they'll have to miss.

Hopefully this will all be gone before long.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday

It's shaping up to be a busy week. Well, its not really "shaping up" to be a busy week, it's *been* a busy week on the calendar for some time now. This week we have something to do outside the house *every* *single* *day* (and many days two different things-including one overnight) until late Saturday.

And then everything abruptly stops for the Christmas weeks. Well, we have our anniversary next week. And a Christmas party with my mom. And the girls and I were invited to the beach for a couple of days at the beginning of next week (that I seriously doubt we'll do, it's just too close to the holiday). And it's my oldest daughters boyfriends birthday.

Nevermind. It's going to be busy right up until Christmas it looks like.

Better get this day going.


Monday, December 04, 2006


Well, BestBuy can't fix the camera. : ( BUT...the part this is messed up has been recalled so Sony will fix it for free! Yay!

But it will no doubt be after Christmas before we get it to them and they get it back to us. After we get it back from BestBuy of course.

I have a 35mm that I can use, but I never realized how SPOILED I am with my digital. I will surely appreciate it more now.

Another lesson learned.

GirlScout cookie meeting tonight for me. Julia has a party for her Spanish class tonight as well. Better go make the cookies!