Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Looking Up

Well, it looks like things are looking up around here. The girls are better (and we've not gotten it yet). They're still coughing this deep chest cough, but they *feel* good now and that's a good thing. Plus the fevers are all gone.

Thank you so much for your prayers. camera came back in the mail today! There may be Christmas pictures after all!

I took some pic's of our gingerbread house that Jillian and I made while she was feeling poorly with my digital camera. I'll try to post that later. Though the quality will be poor.

Julia has an overnight tonight, and we have to get a birthday gift for the little girl. We also have 3 other last minute gifts to get and some dog treats for their stockings (I know, we're insane).

Normally, I would feel a bit stressed to have to do this so close to Christmas, but today I just feel so blessed that we're all able to get it done. Perspective is everything.

Note to self: Write about our Christmas party with my family.

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