Monday, December 04, 2006


Well, BestBuy can't fix the camera. : ( BUT...the part this is messed up has been recalled so Sony will fix it for free! Yay!

But it will no doubt be after Christmas before we get it to them and they get it back to us. After we get it back from BestBuy of course.

I have a 35mm that I can use, but I never realized how SPOILED I am with my digital. I will surely appreciate it more now.

Another lesson learned.

GirlScout cookie meeting tonight for me. Julia has a party for her Spanish class tonight as well. Better go make the cookies!


Mary said...

YAY about your camera! I like it when something like that happens. I understand about being spoiled with digital cameras. We just were given a wonderful fantastic printer, and it is awesome. It prints pictures, photo quality, even on plain paper. We'll never have to get pictures developed, or printed for us again, if we can keep up with the costs of photo paper and ink!

Beth said...

Girlscout cookies already???? I still have some of last years in the freezer..or would it be this years? lol

Wonderful that you're going to get your camera on the waiting though, :o(