Friday, December 15, 2006

This Week

The girls finished their co-op school this week (and Jessica finished her college exams), just in time to get sick. : (

Jillian came down with some type of fever/sore throat thing on Wednesday and is *still* not feeling well. She's been in bed since then and I know when she's in bed, she's not feeling well. Plus, the fever is still there when she's off Tylenol for more than a day. And I would just try to let the fever run it's course. I'm a big believer in the body healing itself. But unfortunately, my girls are like me and get sick (tummy sick) with *everything*. Including a fever. order to keep fluid in them, Tylenol it is.

So about 5am Julia got up with a fever too.

They're both so disappointed because they had the pretty rare sleepover tonight that it looks like they'll have to miss.

Hopefully this will all be gone before long.

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Beth said...

I'll pray for your girls Michelle.