Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today is my 21st wedding anniversary.

Where have the years gone? They slip through your fingers like water.

In honor of this day I'm going to list 21 things that I love about my husband.

1. He's smart.
2. He's the sexiest man I've ever met.
3. He has an incredible sense of humor. He "gets" me. I "get" him.
4. He has a huge heart, though he tries to hide it at times.
5. He has the best work ethic of anyone I've ever known.
6. He's determined.
7. He's persistent.
8. He is fierce with his love for our girls.
9. He loves dogs.
10.He loves Christ.
11. Though he probably gets scared, you'd never know it.
12. He never seems to mind handling any bug that happens into our life.
13. He's enthusiastic.
14. He loves my cooking.
15. He warms my side of the bed at night before I come to bed.
16. He always has words of encouragement.
17. He has a calm, soothing presence.
18. His arms. Always have loved them.
19. He roots for the underdog.
20.He won't lie.
21. He listens.

The list could go on, but in keeping with the theme, I'll stop there.

I'll just say that after all these years, he says he still feels like I'm too good to be true. That he's waiting for the other shoe to fall. And I happen to feel exactly the same way about him.


Askinstoo said...
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Mary said...

Just wanted to say Happy Anniversary!! How nice to be married at Christmastime! I truly wish you much happiness in your future together.