Thursday, August 10, 2006

Home Tour

For some reason I get a kick out of seeing peoples homes. It's such a personal and private place to be allowed, and it feels nice to be invited in. Even if it is "only" online. Seems that everyone is doing it! So I suppose I'll do it too.

Our front door. Welcome.

The entry. Just inside the front door. The formal living room is to the right. The stairs to the left go up to the bedrooms, and straight ahead is the kitchen/dining room.

The formal living room.

This is the hallway just upstairs which I got incredibly crooked for some reason in the picture!

This is the master bedroom. That mirror that hangs over the bed belonged to my great-grandmother (who raised me) and is very precious to me.

This photo is taken from the bed toward the master bathroom area. The tub and toilet are through the door to the left. And I promise, my mirror isn't dirty, though it sure looks it in this picture.

Rest of the master bath.

Going back downstairs, this is the view of the kitchen.

The is a view left from the kitchen down into the den. And my poor, long suffering husband taking a nap in his chair.

A view from the den to the kitchen. Standing here, immediately to my right is the laundry room/half bath.

The laundry room.

The door that leads out of the kitchen, leads to the back porch. I think it may be the most lived in room in the house. Except when it's this hot.

This is our back deck. We put this in (the deck and above ground pool) several years back and it's been such a blessing to the family. We spend so much time outside now and just really get to enjoy it.

Another view of the back yard area.

We've lived here 12 1/2 years. There are things we need to get done. We have plans to make the room off of the kitchen (the formal dining room) a storage area, hopefully this fall. And I'm still working on the computer/school room. I'll post some pictures when I get it a bit closer to being "done". I didn't show the girls rooms, to give them some privacy. But if they decide they'd like to share, I may do that as well.


Tiany said...

Loved the tour of your home, its beautful! Thanks for sharing!!!

Michelle said...

Thank you Tiany! I've been reading your blog too. I had the same thing happen to my baby girl (the dislocated elbow) when she was about 3yo. When I read that, my heart went out to you.

WHOW said...

You have a beautiful home!