Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back to Try Again

Because I know you were all waiting with bated breath. ; )

Ok, this is the inside of the machine. Notice the lovely horizontal pan??

I only had the ingredients for a white loaf. So I quickly (after scrubbing the thing out) and carefully measure them out.

Wet ingredients first (as the manual instructed, yes, this little beauty came with a manual! And again, for $5. Oh the joy. Oh the guilt.)

Then the dry.

The yeast goes into a little "well" dug into the dry ingredients.

And presto! Chango!

Out comes this lovely loaf of bread (after a mere 3 hours 40 minutes).

That same day I decided to see if I could make hamburger buns.

Of course I can!

And all because of my $5 bread machine.

And btw, the bread in this is *really* good. It's not at all like the bread in my old bread maker. I'm astounded. Amazed.

And still a bit guilt ridden.

; )


Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

Oh, that bread looks good. You made me want to get on ebay and find a good deal myself!

Thanks for stopping by today. I CANNOT imagine chicken battered with coffee creamer. That is a story worth retelling!

Michelle said...

I just can't even tell you how your writing blessed me yesterday. I probably should have commented on that as well as the chicken. : )

Thank you Michelle.

fuzzytop said...

Hi Michelle,

Where on earth did you find such a great bread machine for $5??? Wow!


reeskls561 said...

I found my way here via frugal friday.I just had to tell you that I have the same machine!!! To funny.I got mine at a thrift store in the area.I LOVE it as well.Kristin