Monday, August 07, 2006

Busy Day

I have a meeting in a couple of hours with the director of the local YMCA homeschool program. My girls have been going for 6 years. They require you to "volunteer"** there (along with pay a crazy amount) 1 day out of each 6 week week period. Doesn't sound like a lot huh? No. But they only GO 1 day a week. And it's only for 3 hours.

(**I don't have anything against volunteering. I just happen to think that if it's called "volunteering" it should actually be because you "volunteer". If it's mandatory work time, then just say that. I'm not sure why we have to nice everything up so much that we make it inaccurate.)

Anyway, back to "volunteering". It's the most disorganized chaos (for the volunteers, the children are very well scheduled) I've seen in such a professional environment. You basically go in and are forced to hang around the teachers (who really don't want/need you there) and fetch crayons or stickers in the occasional moment.

But sometimes you get the important job. You, and you alone, are responsible for making sure the children flush.

I kid you not.

Anyway, my friend Brooke and I were venting about this (for years) and decided to talk to the director about some real volunteering. So. We've volunteered to teach a class for a whole 6 week period. It's on environmental studys and it's for the teenage class. Brooke has a teaching degree (which seems to be key for the two of us to do it even though I'm hard pressed to think of anyone else there that had a teaching degree).

We get to go talk with the director (who, for some reason, is seeming anti-homeschool lately even though that's how she MAKES HER LIVING) about this today. We sat down yesterday and wrote up a sketch of a lesson plan to present.

We'll see how it goes.

Also, girl scouts starts for the season tonight.

Also, it's my baby's 9th birthday (with all the added chores/fun that go with that).

So I'm going to wake up my little girl and hold and hug on her at the time she was born 9 short year ago.

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