Saturday, June 30, 2007

Things That Make You Feel Old

Around these parts I'm actually considered pretty computer literate. Look around the blog people. And still, I tell you it's true.

So I'd helped out a friend who needed some computer help. Stop laughing. I really did.

I got an email from her that said, "You....Rock!".

Which I showed to my husband. Feeling awfully puffed up and proud.

He sat looking at the email for a minute and then turned to me all serious like and said, "Why did she call you a rock?"

I couldn't make this stuff up.

Also I wanted to point out that today is my one year blogoversary. Yes, that's right. Exactly one year ago today I put up my first "test" post. I've accomplished exactly what I started out to do here. Meeting like minded, Christian women. I'm so grateful for each of you that reads here.


Tiffany said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I just found your blog, and you gave me a much-needed laugh today. I'm glad to "meet" you! :)

Michelle said...

Hi tiffany! Nice to meet you too. I've only had a (literal) minute to check out your blog, but I'm jealous! I've been pestering... ah ... discussing an RV with my husband for a couple of years now. I can't wait 'till I have a bit of time to check out your blog better.

"My Little Wonders" said...

I am truely thankful to have met you through here and I value your friendship.
Blessings Lori

Naomi... said...

One year worth of great reading ahead for me - I'm still working through your old posts! I thoroughly enjoy your posts, and like that you come visit me... You're a sweetie! Have a great day.

Michelle said...

Lori, I'm so thankful to have met you too. You are so honest and encouraging.

Naomi, you are so sweet. And have such a precious family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!

At least I called you a bomb and not a rock,lol. :o)

Michelle said...

LOL Beth! Which is exactly what made me think of the other story!

Sharon said...


I'm a little late, but happy blogiversary!

Thank you for telling me about your uncle. It is encouraging. My dad will be 71 on the 30th of this month. For the past year or so, he's looked so pale and tired. Thin too. It just breaks my heart. I'm praying this operation will help him to feel better. He never complains!

Yes, it seems that when things are going great, it stays that way for a while and then BAM! it's like everything goes wrong. But I know it will all pass away soon.

Thank you for your prayers. :-) I'm glad I *know* you.