Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Does Anyone Know?

What is the protocol for adding people to the "Blogs I Read" sidebar? Should you ask people before you add them?



Homeschooling Momma said...

I add them, and leave them a comment telling them. Or link to them in one of my posts.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Michelle..I didn't ask you before I linked you..hope it's alright.

Michelle said...

Thank Tonya!

And Beth! I was (and still am) totally flattered! I really didn't mean the question for my "friends" on here (of which you certainly are considered). I meant it for people who don't know me at all.

I've linked to people before without a thought. I don't really see why this would be any different?

"My Little Wonders" said...

I have you under mine........(because you are a blog I read)
I don't think is bad not to it?
I have you there mostly for me to click and go to you faster from my blog.
Do you mind that I have you?
I wonder what other bloggers think now that you asked (good question)
Blessings Lori

Michelle said...

Lori, I *love* that you have me listed. I'm sure this, like others areas of my life, is over-thought. My husband says I tend to borrow trouble (and I happen to know he is right). I really can't imagine anyone being offended.

Well, unless I was under a list titled "Useless Blogs" or some such thing. ;D

Elena said...

I've been blogging since 2003. If I find a blog I like, I just add them to my Bloglines and make that public, then it shows up automatically in my blog roll. I don't ask, but I suppose if anyone ever wanted me to take them off of my blog roll I would, although that has never happened to me yet!