Friday, June 29, 2007

Frugal Friday Handsoap

For anyone that doesn't know, Crystal had her sweet baby last week. And she's already hosting Frugal Friday again. Amazing.

My Frugal Friday tip this week is really simple. We like good smelling liquid hand soap. I'll buy it at B*ath and Body when they have a great sale. But we have 2 bathrooms that need hand soap. A half bath/laundry room that needs hand soap and then, of course, the kitchen. So buying 4 hand soaps can add up. Especially when you wash your hands often, and we certainly do.

So I've finally found something that works really well for us.

When our soap dispenser gets empty, I give it a quick wash in hot water.

I've found these D*awn Dish soaps to be VERY inexpensive when they're put on sale at C*VS or Wal*Greens. I rarely pay over 50¢ for one of these small bottles. This one is Apple Blossom and it smells really good. It's one of my favorites. But there are all different scents if this one isn't something that your family would enjoy.

I'll fill the dispenser about ¼ full of the dish soap.

Then gently add water to fill it the rest of the way full.

I then gently slosh it back and forth to combine the dish soap and the water. I've found that it stays pretty well mixed, though you may have to give it a slosh every now and again if it's not used often.

One bottle of the dish soap makes about 4-5 bottles of hand soap. Paying 50¢ a bottle for the dish soap, that's appr. 10¢ - 12¢ per bottle of hand soap.

I'd especially recommend this in the kitchen if you, like me, have a dishwasher and don't normally keep dish soap on the kitchen counter. It's so easy to use your hand soap as dish soap to wash the occasional dish. No more pulling your dish soap out from under the counter.

For more Frugal Friday tips visit Crystal at Biblical Womanhood.


JoAnn said...

That's a good tip! It looks pretty too. I'm going to try this.

Christine said...

What a great idea, Michelle. Regular hand soap can add up quickly. Blessings!

Sherry said...

This is a good idea, especially since there is concern about the antibacterial soaps, and it's very difficult to find liquid handsoap that isn't germicidal.

BethySue said...

Thanks for the shot out on my blog! Great tip, I love the B & B soaps!

InsertWittyBlogHere said...

This is a great tip, too!

What I do is use those "foaming" hand soap bottles, and refill with a couple good tablespoons of regular liquid handsoap, then filled the rest of the way with water.

It took me about a year to use up one of those giant bottles of softsoap that way, and I love the foaming soap, it doesn't stick to my hands or alternatively, slide off.