Monday, June 11, 2007

Last Monday

I wanted to join in on Candy's Reality Internet and post a week in the life of me. Well, after having the camera with me all day seeing how much time this was going to take, I, like many others, decided to do a single day instead of a week.

The day I'm chronicling is last Monday. We're not doing school right now, so that is why there is no mention of it.

What I've found by looking at my days a bit closer last week is that there probably is no typical day here. Not in any real sense. Not in the summer when our time is more our own. It really just depends on what needs to be done at any given time. In other words, there is no way to schedule when the instant oatmeal runs out and needs to be remade.

So while this day may not ever repeat exactly, it fairly accurate as to the things that I get done in any given day.

I try to start the day with a hearty breakfast. I'm blessed that my husband loves to make scrambled eggs and more often than not, makes them for breakfast.

Then it's time to get supper started. Today I'm making a Cajun purple hull pea dish that will be supper with the addition of sliced cucumber (fresh from the garden) and buttermilk cornbread.

After making 3 pictures of laundry fresh from the dryer, I decided that was enough. You get the picture. I think I ended up doing about 7 load that day.

I also made my first ever batch of homemade yogurt. Here it is heating up.

And here it is cooling down, with the starter. Waiting to mix it together.

And here I'm freezing the rest of the store bought yogurt in ice cube sizes to have handy for next time.

I ground some wheat for a new bread recipe.

My husband wanted a bread that was more whole grain(ish) that the one I've been making. I ended up making one with lots of fresh ground whole wheat, oatmeal, and ground flax. He really liked it (and I wish I'd made a picture of the final product, but I didn't) but the top caved in just a bit and I wasn't impressed with how difficult it was to slice neatly.

I've been really battling ants in the garden lately. I've searched high and low for something natural to use to help with this. One thing I read was to put your coffee ground on the soil. So I tried this last week. This was after trying cinnamon and even borax (not in the soil of course, but underneath the boxes). Sadly, none of this worked and the ants were literally destroying the garden. So finally at weeks end, I caved and put some ant dust on it. It really wasn't what I wanted to do, but the ant feeding frenzy was destroying everything anyway. It's much better already.

As an aside, as I go about my day I've found it super handy to keep a water glass handy. Excuse the warped look. Dishwasher + plastic = warped. This glass holds approximately 40oz. I try to drink a full glass with my vitamins before coffee in the morning and then have at least 2 more during the course of the day. Lately I've been substituting one of the glasses of water for tea. I also make huge protein shake (it fills the entire glass) for my lunch most days.

We ran out of my homemade instant oatmeal. Since the girls really love it, and it's so economical and easy to make, I made a huge double batch.

I store this in an old protein powder container and it makes for a quick, fairly healthy breakfast.

I didn't get pictures, but I did detail the kitchen as well. Putting everything I could in the dishwasher and running it and scrubbing everything else down.

I also took a nice bubble bath before my husband got home. :)

When I was out of the bath I lit some candles in my clean kitchen.

And then I got to watch the rain watering my garden so I didn't have to do it myself.

Mike came home and at the last minute Jessica (my oldest daughter) brought Jarad (her boyfriend) home for supper so the picture taking got put on the back burner as I prepared the meal for 2 more adults than I thought I was having.

Supper was filled with fellowship and laughter.

I know that many would look at the day as boring or tedious. Maybe non-challenging. But I look at it much differently. I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to stay at home with my family. To have the time and energy to make our house a home.

I hope you've enjoyed your peek at my day.


Homeschooling Momma said...

I don't think it was boring. I enjoy looking at others' daily lives. Would you mind posting your instant oatmeal recipe? I think I would like to try it. Thanks

prayzgod said...

I didn't think your day looked boring or tedious at all. I thought it looked very fulfilling, peaceful, and fun. :-) Thank you for sharing! :-D

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Your day looked great. Not boring at all. Spending time blessing our homes and our families is time WELL SPENT my friend!

Enjoyed my stop here today.

"My Little Wonders" said...

Thanks for sharing your day. I would like the recipe for the oatmeal too, if you wouldn't mind.
I also was wondering how you made the yogurt too.
Blessings Lori

Anonymous said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing.
As for the ants... I've had good luck with chili powder or anything like that. I make a line (in my case around the door frame). They don't seem to what to cross that.


Michelle said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments.

Lori, this was my very first batch of yogurt and I looked the recipe up online. Actually, I looked several places and then adapted it (like I tend to do with every recipe for some reason). Candy,, just posted her recipe last Tuesday (June 5). It looks super easy and had she posted it Monday, it's the one I would have followed.

Michelle said...

momtogirls5, thank you for that suggestion! You know, that is, come to think of it, the one thing that I had read and then forgot to try. I wonder if it would work on live plants without burning them or altering their taste? LOL Like I worried about the cinnamon as well!