Monday, June 04, 2007

A New Week

Yesterday we were supposed to have friends over and cook out, but the weather looked icky and we all decided to do it some other time. So home we came from church and did something almost unheard of in our home.

We napped.

For about 2 hours.

What bliss.

When we got up, the weather had shifted. It wasn't muggy anymore. It was breezy and the sun was peeking from between clouds. We sat outside for a little bit and then it was time to take the girls to youth. I threw some potatoes in the oven to bake and we left.

After dropping them off, we went by the meat market. Mike called a friend of his and invited him over to grill steaks. We got back home and straightened the house. We went to get the girls and then had an impromptu cookout anyway! Our next door neighbor saw us outside and he joined in the fun. Mike is the best bbq chef in the (my) world. We even made homemade peach ice cream!

It was a wonderful time and much needed. The last two days I'd been trying to strip my kitchen floor. It was looking yucky and when I washed it (with vinegar and water as usual) it didn't look right. All splotched up. So after I'd mopped it literally like 40 (yes, forty) times Mike stepped in and grabbed some ammonia and a scrub brush and went at it (while I rinsed rags and wiped up the goo). We finally got it done late Saturday. That is not something I want to do again in the near (read: ever) future.

Other than that, I've been easing into my summer schedule. It seems that in the summer I'm able to keep my house all clean and how we like it. In the winter there is just so much going on that it's hard to keep up. I've got to somehow change that. And I've been working on it. But it's still not to my satisfaction.

I've made a few pictures and hope to join Candy's Reality Internet if I can somehow find the time. It's just where we all post pictures of our typical day for the whole week.

Anyone else game?

Lots to do today. It's only my second week of the new cleaning schedule so I'm still detailing many things. I'll leave you with our calendar that shows the difference in May and June. And then I must scrub off May and put up the July calendar!

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