Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Garden Update

We are really new gardeners. We just started last year. We're trying new things and adding different things and I just want to chronicle the progress (or lack of) here.

I should have made a picture of the whole strawberry container beds. We had planned to get them in the ground this year but it just didn't happen. I feared that we wouldn't get a single strawberry this year because we had a late freeze (which is almost unheard of in south TN) after they had bloomed. But it seems that we'll get a few after all.

So of course I had to get a rhubarb plant to go with the strawberries. Truthfully, I've never cooked with rhubarb in my entire life. The plant was an impulse buy. I didn't know a thing about it when I bought it. Since then, I've educated myself just a teeny bit. Hopefully we'll have some rhubarb to go with the strawberries next year. And as an aside, how do you not love an edible plant that's a perennial? I mean really. You plant it, leave it alone, and get food for years.

This is curious (to me). If I remember correctly, I grew this sage from a seed pack. I ended up with 3 healthy plants that I grew in a container until the fall of last year and then put them in the ground. Two of the three have these really pretty purple flowers on top. The other one, as you can see vaguely in the background is different. Though they all came from the same seed pack. I've not dried any yet (or used fresh). I'm curious if the taste will be the same.

Here is the wild looking tomato bed (that also has some squash and peppers). It looks so unruly that I'm tempted to tame it a little, but last year we tamed and agreed that this year we'd let it do it's own thing and see which was better. Of course we're still attaching them to the poles. This picture is made less that one week from when the last garden update pictures were made. Six days to be exact.

I made this picture to show how a few of the cucumber plants are starting up the trellis. Last year one cucumber plant survived and it looked unbelievable pitiful. They're not the healthiest looking plants in our little box garden, but they certainly seem to be doing better than last year.

This is my poor little scrawny banana pepper plant. It's only been planted since Mother's Day, so I'm trying to cut it some slack. There are two more just like it.

This is the huge monster zucchini/squash plant(s). I have no idea why this little area has had such prolific growth. And not so much fruit! It's still pretty amazing to watch. Mike made the comment that we could probably sit and watch it grow. I'm curious to see if it will be better fruit that the smaller ones or not. And I wish I could figure out why this one is so much bigger.

This is just the same end shot that I always make. Just for comparison.


Beth said...

Your garden is growing beautifully! I can't believe how big your plants are! Our poor little plants are just that..little. But then again maybe cause I'm further north and can't plant as early as you? I can hardly wait to see all the wonderful veggies your going to have!

"My Little Wonders" said...

WOW your garden is really looking nice! The strawberries look good too. I still haven't put my garden in yet :( Soon though! Keep up the good work.

Susan said...

I could just eat up those strawberries! We haven't been able to grow them here yet...I don't think they like our soil.

If you do find the Math-U-See stuff, please email me! I really appreciate it!

Thanks also for the link! I came in handy today and I was able to get some good deals on some of the stuff I needed for Colt! I'll post a blurb about in on my blog tomorrow!

Hugs & Blessings!

Naomi... said...

Your garden is beautiful... I wanted to thank you for an earlier post, from May 12, about wives submitting to their husbands... This has been on my heart and mind for a good little while, and all you've written has impacted my thoughts and beliefs. It is such a shame that the general gist of submission is negative. If only people realised that to submit in a Godly, wise way brought such peace and joy! I am SO glad I have been guided by God to this truth at this time in my life and marriage. It has been a huge blessing and release for me, and all glory to God. Thank you for your wisdom. I have added you to my 'favourites' list, so I'll be tuning in for more... No pressure!!! God bless, Naomi.