Monday, May 14, 2007

Garden Update

I've got to say that I've been amazed at what our little square foot garden is doing so far. Mike had some ideas for changing the soil and drainage system this year and it's been amazing! I feel so blessed that he puts his energy into this kind of thing.

Just last *week* the garden looked like THIS . Literally. One week ago.

This is the tomato bed with a couple of peppers and a squash and zuccini plant (I think, I may have gotten the squash and zuccini confused when I was planting them and I can't tell yet!)

Here is the most dramatic change. This is 3 of the squash/zuccini plants. I can't believe how big they've gotten. And we've even got some teeny squash on some of them!

This is another shot from the onion end.

Mike is even talking of building a couple more boxes for me! I'm sure I could find some things to plant in them!

I ended up filling the last few feet of extra garden space that I had with banana peppers! Mike found some at the local fruit stand and brought them home to me yesterday. I'll try to include them in my next garden update. I also need to do an update on the things growing in the yard.


"My Little Wonders" said...

Your garden looks so nice.....We just started ours and all we did was till up one side so I will wait to post. The little ones loved playing in the dirt and wow were they ever dirty. We have alot going on next weekend so it may be delayed yet another week. I live in the north so most gardens aren't even in yet so I am still ok for the planting season.

Sharon said...

Hi Michelle!!!
I thought I'd pop in today and to my surprise you have been posting!

I'll have to come back a little later to catch up on your posts.

Good to have you back! :-)

Michelle said...

Lori, be sure to post when you get it going. Your flowers are already beautiful!

Sharon, you are so sweet! And you look great! You are always such an encouragement. I've missed you friend.

Beth said...

Michelle I'am so impressed with your garden!! I LOVE it!