Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just One More Thing

I was so sad to learn that Lori lost her dog on Monday.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw his picture. I've posted about my old dog before, but realized that I'd never put up a picture. He has this amazing ability to turn his head when you get a camera out.

My other dog Lucy is just the opposite. It's hard to make a picture without her jumping in front of the camera, looking all serious.

Today, I finally got a picture of Hi-Boo.

When this is what I usually get:

Like Lori's dog Bear, my Hi-Boo is old. He turned 12 in March.

And though it's bitter-sweet, I'm glad to see yet another thing I have in common with a friend.


Anonymous said...

We're at the 3 1/2 month of having our Penny put down and I still get weepy if I sit and think about it. Love and enjoy Hi-Boo while you've got him!

Michelle said...

I know. I thought of you when I read about Lori's Bear. Such a hard, hard thing.

"My Little Wonders" said...

Michelle you are so sweet.....thank you so much for this post. Thank you for caring, you have really touched my heart and that means so much to me.
Your Hi-Boo looks so much like Bear did at that age, thanks for sharing the pics of him.
I still cry......but I have the great memories and I know there are people like you, who understand how I feel about my Bear dog.
(My son is still having a hard time but we will get through it.)
Thank you so much......Lori