Friday, February 02, 2007

In My Efforts to Get Things Done...

I've wanted to start doing "frugal Friday's", but it seems this isn't the week either.

This has been an absolutely insane week. Insane I tell you! DH has been busy literally from darkthirty in the morning until 10ish every single day. He even had things that had to get done on this past Sunday, and ended up busy 3/4 of the day!

And we all know that when our husbands are busy, usually the same goes for the wives. I've been up early with him (though not always as early as he is) and then trying to make things as easy on him as possible, while working my crazy schedule as well.

Last night we got more furniture moved. The furniture in the girls room was poor quality and old, old, old. A friend gave us some furniture they had no space for, and it happened to be perfect! I thought changing out the dressers and hard could it be?

The question is, how silly could *I* be?

It took us (all of us) about 5-6 hours (we stopped and ate in the middle, so I'm not sure exactly how long) to get it all done. And there is still things that have to be reorganized in their room. And there is still a desk that needs to be moved upstairs and some computer stuff, but other than that...we're done!

And it looks so lovely. I'm so grateful

We have a busy day today. Homeschool stuff and then the girls have a sleepover and we need to make some munchies for that.

And because I'm gettin' things done, here is a picture of the Christmas picture (I snapped a digital image of the 35mm Christmas picture that we sent out with our cards, excuse the poor quality) that I never blogged. Better late than never, right?

(We have another dog, but he's old and cantankerous and wasn't in the mood.)


Anonymous said...

"darkthirty in the morning..." -- ROFL!!!! Hey...I'm OLD AND CANTANKEROUS TOO!! I really will be gleaning from you when you get the frugal stuff up. Much love, Eileen @

Sharon said...

I like being frugal, can't wait!

Michelle said...

Eileen, somehow I doubt you're cantankerous at all (but don't you just love the word?)! And I *know* you're not old! :D

Sharon, does the Frugal Friday thing. I read your decorating tips and you should think of doing it too! You too Eileen! I've been wanting to do it for a while, but something has always came up.