Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow in Tennessee!!!

Okay, I know it's not a huge deal to most of you, but it's a *big deal* for us to get some snow. They were calling for snow last night, but it wasn't supposed to start until around 3am. So my youngest set her alarm (I'm not kidding) and was up before 6! My middle daughter slept with her nightgown turned inside out (??) for (snow) luck? And this is what we see well before the sun was up!

Just the first thing I snapped from my covered porch.

This is something you don't see often, a pool surrounded by snow!

A close-up of snow on the railing to show how much we got!

There is a plant under all that. That little blob in the middle? It was green yesterday.

Our magnolia tree. I brightened this picture. It was made when it was still pretty dark.

My poor strawberries.

My youngest who played on the deck for at least 30 minutes first thing this morning. She was so excited! To tell the truth we all were!


Sharon said...

You got a lot more snow than we did! It is so beautiful! Ours is melting and everything is getting slushy. Gotta go watch the news now!

Beth said...

Heyyyy..wait a guys can have your pool open year round?? Man I gotta move south! :o)

Candice said...

Hi, this is Candice from. Thanks for the comments you've left and the drink suggestion! I appreciate it!

God bless you!

the pictures of the snow are beautiful!

Michelle said...

Sharon, ours is melting too. But there are *still* patches of snow on the deck this morning. That almost never happens here!

Beth, this is actually the first year that we've left it open (and the first snow we've had in years too!). We live in a tricky area that you just never know. But after years and years of doing all the work of covering the pool and then having blah winters, we decided to chance it. So far so good. Even with the snow! :D

Candice, thank you! And if you make that drink, let me know how it turns out?

Mary said...

I love love love those snow pictures!!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks Mary! It was really fun. It's still freezing (well, to us freezing, probably not actually 32F) but the snow is now pretty much gone.

Chrissy said...


What beautiful snow! I'm from Chattanooga. I've moved away but my sister still lives there and she called to tell me about the snow. As much as I love living at the beach, sometimes I really miss *home*...

I'm enjoying your blog, by the way :0)

Michelle said...

Hi Chrissy! Thank you. Your blog is great too!