Sunday, January 28, 2007

God's Will

The preacher talked on Sunday about God's will. And I'm not talking about what God wants us to do. Not that kind of will. I'm talking about the kind of will that is read by the executioner of your estate.

Have you ever been to the reading of a will? I have not. But it was so interesting to hear the stories of different people who had. They didn't know if they would be in the will. They didn't know what they would be left, if anything. And some people simply refused to go, maybe for fear of being humiliated.

You may never be called to the reading of a will in this lifetime. But we can guarantee that we will be called to the reading of Jesus will. And we are promised *everything*, beyond what we can hope.

Have you ever thought that Jesus left you *everything* in his will? And how sad to think of someone now showing up to claim it.


Sharon said...

I just read a Charles Finney sermon yesterday that basically pointed out that a true saint of God will have the lost of this world foremost in their minds. I think the Christians of today need to get back to the basics of what God commanded us to do; spread His Gospel to the world. It is so sad to think so many people will not be in God's will.
I have found that the hardest people to witness to is our own family members. I'm a rather quiet person that doesn't usually spout opinions (you can't tell that by my writings, though) :)
However, I finally decided to write a couple of my brothers a few years back and just gave them my own personal testimony of accepting Jesus into my life. I didn't receive a response back from them, nor was it discussed when I saw them, but I kept praying. One of them is now back in church and re-dedicated his life. The other one is a harder case to crack. I just keep praying for him.
Sorry I got on a roll!

Anonymous said...

That is a great post! I think on that all the time. I know people that think if they do "good" no matter what they will get into heaven. I hope that Jesus is their Savior and that they are trying to do "good" for him instead of them selves. They have never said if is or not.
Well, I just got on my blog. And noticed your comment. I have a lot of work to do. I still have a bunch of trash to throw away that seems endless. But it is slowly going away. I also have cleared out our shed and now I am filling it back up! :0) It sure does make one feel better when the clutter is gone.
I hope all is well with you and yours. Have a great day!

Mrs. Taylor