Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Was it Always Like This?

Julia, my 12 year old, is in a GirlScout Cadette group. Jillian, my 9 year old is in a Junior GirlScout group. They both meet at a neighboring church, together and at the same time, but in different rooms of course.

Julia's troop had an outing yesterday at the Service Center. Downtown. Not at all close to the church. So the leader graciously drove them, knowing that many of us had to be at the church with younger siblings.

We met early to drop Julia off and then Jillian and I went out to dinner. Pretty nice. And then came back for her meeting.

A couple of the moms had asked me if I could hang out at the church after the Junior meeting with their girls until the Cadettes got back from their downtown outing.

No big deal.

But the moms *kept* asking me if I was sure. Did I really not mind? Did I feel safe? Finally I got a clue and asked what was going on. Seems that the church parking lot has been a place of crime lately. That people have been breaking into cars and stealing whatever. With the last happening in broad daylight!

I did notice that they've been locking the doors more lately, but didn't really think anything of it.

After the Junior meeting was over, and the parents started slowly leaving, I started to feel weird. So I took the extra girls and we sat in the van. With the doors locked. And the van running. We were there for over 30 minutes waiting on the Cadettes to get back. It was fine. There was a basketball game going on very close and people were out.

But what on earth? Shouldn't we feel safe in a church? I know I'm being naive. I know it doesn't work like that anymore. People who are looking to do criminal behavior won't limit it for reverence of God's house more than likely. But something feels awfully wrong to me about having to scoop up little girls and watch your every step *AT CHURCH*.

I just don't remember things being this way when I was a girl.


Sharon said...

I agree. It's a shame God's house isn't honored or respected anymore. I can remember when most churches didn't lock their doors in case someone needed to come in and kneel at the altar to pray.

I've boiled it all down to the feminist movement. If women would have stuck with their own duties instead of trying to become like men, the children would be looked after, trained properly, and grow up respecting God and all authority. We are now reaping what has been sown. How sad :(

I hope the police catch whoever is committing these crimes!

Anonymous said...

Well...considering where I live (Queens, NY)....this has been the 'status quo' for a long time. Not when I was a kid (raised on Long Island...). Even 30 years ago in Queens, Moms were home (atta girl, Sharon!) and sitting on the front stoops. Neighborhoods were by and large quite safe. I even have to be careful when I choose to go to the laundromat!! But....where sin abounds...His grace does too. Glad you made it home ;). Let's keep praying, ladies. Eileen @ http://halfwayhome.wordpress.com

Michelle said...

It's so funny...weird and delightful to find women with the same belief systems!

Our whole society is in a downward spiral. It makes me really sad. And now my mind is swirling with thoughts on the breakdown of the American family.