Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I used to use a pocketbook calendar exclusively. But as the girls got older, I found that they were asking about this or that activity and I was having to pull out the calendar several times a day.

Mike suggest that I get a couple of write-on-wipe-off calendars for the refrigerator.

This has simplified life so much. You can't really tell the size of them in the picture but I'd guess they are about 11"X14". Not teeny. And I keep track of so *much* with these. Even down to changing the central air filter and checking the plants for water.

I still keep my pocketbook calendar to note things when I'm out, but I transfer it to the refrigerator calendar when I get home.

When this month is over, I'll erase the January board, move February to the top and then fill in March on the old January board.

I spend approximately 5-10 minutes a month on this. It really helps to keep my family organized.


Anonymous said...

Oh...I love this. (light bulb alert!lol!!) Did you get these at Staples or a store similar?? Seriously...with D2 in college and Kjr....I could say easily that 2 calendars would help with my 'brain fog'....

Michelle said...

I did get them at Staples! It's not my favorite store, I tend to not be able to find *anything* I want/need there, but I was close and they had these and I was thrilled. I'm so glad you like them!

Sharon said...

That's great! I have a calendar on the fridge that's being held up by magnets. The hubby and daughter would rather just look there than have to open my binder to look at that calendar. :)

Michelle said...

Absolutely Sharon! My family loves that they know what's going on with everyone.