Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Water in my Trunk?

It's a good thing! Really.

I'm a HUGE believer in drinking water. So much so that I tend to have appr. 40oz *before* even a cup of coffee in the morning. I'd heard years ago that that sluggish feeling that people had in the morning could be related to dehydration. Made sense to me. So the first thing I do, while my coffee is brewing, is take my vitamins with *lots* of water. I have this huge plastic glass that I use and I know it's appr. 40oz. I try to drink it all before the coffee is done.

I digress.

When I'm out of the house for a large part of the day it's way too easy to run through a drive-tru and pick up a diet this or that. How often do we order water when we go somewhere? Not enough here.

So a while back I found the flats of bottled water at Sam's. They're less than $4 for 24 bottles. Think how much you'd pay at a convenience store.

And it's what we do now when we are out and need a drink.

Just remember that when people find out, everyone will be asking for bottles of water!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle!! Thanks for visiting my wee place! Oh...I'm a bit older (lol!). Turned the double 4 back in September (21st). Thanks for making me feel welcome! Eileen