Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm Getting Carried Away, I Know

I'm busy out of the house on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So Thursday and Friday I typically work in my home. Housework, working with the girls on various homeschool projects, cooking, etc.

It's late in the day and I still need to clean a few things but I've got several things done today.

Today I have:

Worked with the girls on homeschool
Worked with the girls on cleaning their room
Done the bills
Made homemade (grated cabbage, carrots and all) coleslaw
Made homemade hotdog buns
Made homemade guacamole (we had some ripe avocados that needed to be used)
Made homemade tortilla chips (using healthy tortillas spiced and then baked) to go with the guacamole
Made homemade breadcrumbs

Does anyone NOT make their own breadcrumbs anymore?

When bread gets too old/stale for us to eat I pop the pieces in the freezer. When I have a bag full, I pull out the food processor (this time I already had it out for the coleslaw and decided to go ahead and grind the bread and then make the guacamole).

Old stale and still frozen bread

I break it in half or so and then put 4-5 pieces at a time in my food processor. I use the grinding blade.

After literally just a minute I have a processor full of breadcrumbs!

And after doing this a few times, I have a huge ziplock bag full of nice breadcrumbs waiting to be used in meatloaf or tuna patties or any of a number of my staple recipes that require breadcrumbs.

I store these in the freezer and just get out what I need as I'm making meals for my family. It doesn't add a cent to my food bill and these can be spiced however I want them so I like the versatility.

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