Monday, January 22, 2007

Is There a Tired Bug?


Yesterday was so weird. I'd slept well the night before. Nothing unusual (well, my *life* is sometimes "unusual", but you know) going on. But when I got up yesterday I was *so* tired. I had my coffee and still couldn't get going. Well, I got going, but I didn't *feel* like going.

We got to church and I could barely concentrate. We came straight back home and I sat on the couch pretty much all day with a heating blanket. We watched a movie with the girls, but still. I. Sat. All. Day. Mike even took the girls to youth *alone* and picked them up.

That is so not like me. I was so fatigued.

I was asleep before 11 and slept all night long. We'll see how today goes.

Totally on another subject, on Saturday there was an Education Expo downtown. I went with a couple of girlfriends and a few of the kids. It's always interesting to me, being a homeschooler, how the schools market themselves. It's interesting to see how many people are at each booth.

I'm still in a bit of sticker shock at the prices of the private schools. I have a daughter in *college* that doesn't cost as much as many of these private schools cost. I don't see how the average family can afford it. Not if you have more than one child especially.

We left there and one of the girlfriends and I went shopping. Another oddity in my life. I rarely "go shopping". And even more rarely with a girlfriend. But the kids wanted to hang out for a while and she needed to take something back to the mall, so we decided to lunch there.

It just so happened that the mall was having a 75-90% off sale. No, the 90% is not a typo.

I like to think of myself as fairly frugal. I once got a letter published in the Tightwad Gazette after all! : D But my friend has me outdone. She's amazing. We hit the stores like mad women. And got some amazing deals.

Probably my best deal was those really nice, thick, BIG, Christmas bags, originally $7 guessed it... 70 cents! And some smaller but equally nice ones for 30 cents.

We ended up with these HUGE bags full of bargains that we had to eventually take to the van because it was too much to carry around and we truly didn't spend much at all. I don't think I spend over $35.00 the whole day combined and that was with lunch and coffee!

And we were there for 5, yes five, hours.

Our girls are sure troopers.


Anonymous said...

Neat post, Michelle ;). Sorry for your fatigue. I've been a regular reader of for awhile due to her knowledge of how to maintain or even achieve physical stamina NATURALLY. She is basically a homesteader-in-the-making and has her own feel on many subjects. But she really got me motivated to improve my health. Now...I'm not giving up coffee...but...I've taken steps to give myself better energy (and it's working). A take 1000 mg. of flaxseed capsules (2x a day with food) and a supermom vitamin ( 2x a day with food as well. Every morning I chop one whole clove of garlic up small enough to swallow down with 1 to 2 large glasses of water!!! In about 4 days I went from feeling 'draggy' to having much better energy and clarity of thinking. Just a thought. ;). Kudos on the bargains!! Have a blessed day, my friend! Eileen @

Michelle said...

You're so sweet Eileen! I've read Stephanies blog forever too! I am impressed with her knowledge for someone so young!

You sound so much like me. I take an Omega Complex capsule 2x a day as well! It has flax oil in it, along with the omega 3's. I found it at Sam's. I also take a multi vitamin ( that I adore. I take a B comblex besides morning and night. And I eat garlic whole (usually with a green olive for the good fat) usually at *least* once daily. And I drink my weight in oz of water, having at least 40oz before I allow myself the first sip of coffee (which I ain't giving up either! LOL).

I suppose that's why yesterday was such a shocker. I *normally* feel really good for someone 41. Much better than I did at 20 actually. And I get so much done now!

Have you read the cookbook/lifebook that Stephanie recommends? Nourishing Traditions? I've had it for years and love the concept, but haven't followed it like I would like.

Beth said...

Wow, there must be something in the air because I just got up from a 2 hour nap!!! Very odd for me! But we did have a very stressful weekend so perhaps that's it, I don't know.

However, wow..what great deals you got! I love running into deals like that, :o)

Michelle said...

Oh Beth, I hope your stress is better now. Stress makes me tired as well.

I felt fine yesterday. Go figure. I really thought I might be getting sick or something. And so far today, I feel good. We'll see. :)