Tuesday, February 06, 2007

DH told me last night that a friend of his is coming up from FL for a few days, in a couple of weeks. Our guest room is so *not* ready. (Who am I kidding? We don't really have a guest room. We have a room that we are trying to make look like a guest room when we have guests, and a formal living room when we don't. Wish us luck with that one.) So the next couple of weeks will be super busy here.

I was all set to start tackling the tasks, but then remembered that I have a dental appt. this morning. So they will have to wait until the afternoon at best.

And I also have all these blog posts floating around in my head. Hopefully they'll marinate there and become better once I can get them all out. 'Cause you know, if I had all the time in the world, I wouldn't have a thing I could think to post about.


Sharon said...

I know how it is when expecting company. I drive my husband crazy sometimes, because I want everything perfect for the guest, even if it is family. A friend of his comes and stays with us a couple of days once or twice a year and I've gotten so use to him, he's like a brother and I just tell him to help himself. :)

Keep those post thoughts, I'm waiting to read them!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of marinating...I'm HUNGRY!! lol!!! Our guestroom is D2's room. We stick her on the pull-out in the living room.:0)! Lookin' forward to your 'brain un-furling'!! Have fun..!! Eileen @ http://halfwayhome.wordpress.com

Michelle said...

Sharon, I know exactly what you mean! We've got friends that come that feel like family and I try to have some of their favorite foods and have the house clean of course, but other than that, nothing much special. This friend is an old friend that we've known for over 10 years and he's *never* been in town. We've been to his house, but he's never been here. So it's a big deal. To me.

Eileen, I wish it were so easy here! DD1 is just days out of her teenage years and it would take weeks to get her room to guest status. The other two girls share a room and that would be displacing two people. We have a formal living room that almost never gets used at all. We've got lots of ideas. We'll see how they pan out.