Thursday, February 15, 2007


Finally, a day at home! We have been literally out of the house most of the day from Sunday thru yesterday! And my house shows it. Ugh.

Yesterday was just one of those days that was so crazy that it was silly.

Julia had co-op at 10:45 so we had to be out of the house by 10:15. We took cupcakes to her class for Valentines so that was an extra step. Then I stopped by the grocery store to pick up the sale circular, then quickly home to homeschool my little one.

Before I could even get home, my cell is ringing. The other mom that I'm doing GirlScout cookies with this year just got back from Italy and we have all the minute' details to coordinate for the cookie pickup. So I finally get all that taken care of and I'm at home now, trying to get all of my homeschool stuff together for Jillian. I throw a load of laundry that I'd run before I left home in the dryer. And my phone rings. It's my oldest, she's *broken her drivers license.

Yes, broken.

And what should she do? So I hang up with her and after many phone calls find out what she should do, call her back and let her know. Then I have to dig out her birth certificate. I do, and she's off to get this taken care of. By now, it's past lunch time and I prepare lunch. We eat. Then I start to get the homeschooling stuff started with Jillian, and I get a phone call.

My oldest needs the *original* birth certificate. I had given her a copy. Which I found incredulous because she had her license, snapped neatly into two pieces. Easy to see who she was and all of her info. She had her SS card. She had her college ID. AND a copy of her birth certificate. And that wasn't good enough.

I digress.

So I look again through our stuff and sure enough, I find the original. I call her back and let her know. Now it's time to get the bread going for supper.

As soon as I get the bread going, oldest comes in and gets the paperwork. While she's talking, I start to get supper prepped. Then she leaves and the dryer dings. It's stuff I have to attend to right then (of course).

I give Jillian some reading to do and start to concentrate on the house. I have literally like an hour before I have to leave to pick up Julia. In that hour I unloaded the dishwasher (that I'd ran sometime in the middle of this chaos), load the dishwasher, do more laundry, shape the bread into rolls and bake them, get supper cooked, straighten the house, get all the food together that I have to take with me, and we hit the door.

We pick up Julia AND her two friends. I take them all to grab some fast food and then to the neighboring church where I take part of the homemade supper in for me and my friend. (My girls would have loved the homemade food, but her girls wouldn't have eaten it.)

We eat a quick supper and then she and I start setting up for the Valentine party.

Long story ... well ... still long, we get home around 8pm. I heat DH's supper and he eats. Then we change the sheets on the bed together and pretty much fall into it.

Hopefully, today will be a make-up day. And I can get all the stuff done that I didn't get the chance to do EVERY OTHER DAY THIS WEEK.

If my daughter can keep from breaking some other important, official document, that is.

*How the heck do you break a license? I mean really, have YOU ever broken your license? Me neither. She said she was holding it be each end in one hand and it just snapped.


Sharon said...

Michelle, sounds like you need a breather!

No, I've not ever heard of a broken license :D

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...


agodlyhomemaker said...

kids will ALWAYS find a way to break things! lol lol
RYC- things are really tough but i'm hanging in. thank you for thinking of me. i had problems with a stalker so i had to close the blog!

Michelle said...

Sharon, I finally got a breather. Yesterday was busy, but it was normal busy.

Anon, it's really fine. I didn't mean it to sound like I was upset. It was just one of those days that you just have to laugh and roll with the punches.

Tina, you're right about kids, but...a drivers license?! LOL In her defense, she had been outside with it out to show for ID at school and it was really cold (for here). Maybe that had something to do with it? And I'm so sorry about a stalker! What is this world coming to when you can't even blog your thoughts without people trying to make you miserable? I hope you'll update your other blog when you get the chance, if you feel safe there.

lady of value said...

Whew! Your days sound like mine!! I think I would go crazy though if I were not this busy. Blessings to you! Have a restful weekend!

Michelle said...

lady of value, I admit I like being busy too! It's nice to get done what needs to be done. A real feeling of accomplishment.

Beth said...

Hope your weekend slows down..I'm exhausted just from reading how your day went,lol. :o)

Michelle said...

Thanks Beth! I hope it does too. (But I'm not counting on it.;)

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you had quite a day. It's good to know I'm not the only one who has days go like that. I hope you are enjoying time with your guests.