Saturday, June 23, 2007

Japanese Beetle (in my hair)

What a week! We've had company 3 times since Monday of this week. And all of it was spontaneous. And really nice. But not leaving much time to post at all.

I did finish my book. I'm normally a slow reader. Well, that's not true at all. I just normally don't have a lot of time at all to read. So I'll read as I go to sleep. Most nights getting only a few pages in before I'm too tired to stay awake any longer. But for some reason, I was able to read this book in just a few days.

I was thinking about doing a book review when I finish a book so that I can document what I like and dislike about it. But in all honesty I don't like to say negative things about someones work! LOL I'll have to think on it I suppose.

I went to the bookstore yesterday and just couldn't think of a thing I wanted to read. This is unusual for me as I usually have a list of books in queue. I finally found one (now in the sidebar). We'll see.

I basically like two kinds of books. Those that teach me something (can range wildly from sur*vivalism to food to politics) or those that entertain me. I love historical romance and am partial to series books. I'd love any suggestions of your favorite books.

I have to say here too what a blessing that menu plan was this week. It's something I plan to keep up. It made all the difference.

Oh, and the title of this post, I know in the picture my hair is straight. But my hair is naturally curly. And for some reason a bug magnet. So I was in the garden a couple of days ago (which I desperately need to make a photo of!) digging through some plant or another when I hear a loud BZZZZT! I look around and see nothing. So I continue on with my business.

I get done and come inside. Make myself a protein drink and sit down to check email. I feel something in my hair (on the top of my scalp). I reach up and something BZZZZT!'s under my hand. I throw my hear forward and try to brush the offender out of my hair. But I see nothing at all. Did I imagine it?

I go to the bathroom and can't see anything. So I look around and see this Japanese Beetle really tangled in the side of my hair.

Now, if any of you have ever had dealings with a Japanese Beetle, you know that they are sticky. And not at all small.

So here is this bug looking at me like "Are you gonna help me out of this mess or not?"

Let me stop here to say that I'm not at all good with bugs. I tend to freak a little. It's a long childhood trauma story best saved for another day.

So I'm a little freaked. And I'm trying to untangle this bug who is against my ear yelling BZZZZT! BZZZZT! Which I interpret as "Hurry Up!".

I end up getting him** out of the big clump of hair but he's still in 5-6 hairs that I just can't get undone. I reach into the drawer and pull out a pair of scissors and am finally able to untangle him where he falls (which I think is his death fall - but it turns out it was only exhaustion/exasperation) into the sink. I go to get some paper towel to get this bug out of the sink and he comes flying, kamikaze style, after me through the house.

Luckily I had dropped the scissors because I would have been running with scissors at this point.

He disappears and I can't find him. And to this day, occasionally I hear a BZZZT! coming from somewhere in the downstairs.

I'm sure he's waiting to get back in my hair to nest.

**I call the bug "him" but it could have well been a "her".

***No bugs were harmed in the making or telling of this tale.


Susan said...

I would not have dealt well with the bug in the hair! LOL It made a super-good story though! ;)

I'd love to hear what you have to say about the book you just read, too.

Anonymous said...

Ya know the beetles must have just hatched or something, because I went outside to hang more clothes on the line and the clothes that were there had those nasty beetles all over them! UGH!! I know we get them in our pool and I just guide them over to the filter,hehe.

I read "The Shunning" and loved it! But I love all of Beverly Lewis's books. I eagerly devour them. I just recently read the book written by the Jeub's family..they were featured on TLC because they have 13 children are expecting their 14th blessing in November. They are such a neat family!

I hope you catch *him" soon! Before he catches you,lol.

Tonya said...

Since this happened to you it is a funny story. Had it happened to me, I would have been traumatized! I am NOT good with bugs!

"My Little Wonders" said...

I AM GONNA PEE MY PANTS LAUGHING.....I can sooo see you doing this as I would be the same way except I would be screaming in fear and probably knock myself out from hitting my head to get the bug off.....LOL
Too funny ...sorry to laugh....I just keep picturing you in my head and it is to funny.
Glad you got it out though, thanks for the good laugh along with a little ewwww thoughts of creepy crawlers.
Blessings Lori

Sharon said...

Lol! Michelle, you are a great story-teller! I laughed so hard reading about your encounter with the Japanese beetle. I don't normally use the word "hate", but I absolutely detest those things! I was outside watering some flowers the other day and I heard all this buzzing around the apple tree and looked up and it was covered with a zillion of those beetles! I told hubby about it and he mixed up some strong killer spray and sprayed them all to death. Whew! They are bad in numbers this year.

Hope you catch *him* before he catches you again. ;-)