Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pasta Salad

When the weather is really warm here I like to serve at least 1 cold side dish to our evening meals. Yesterday I made our favorite pasta salad. This recipe takes a HUGE bowl. The one I'm using is what I use as a punch bowl for kids parties.

I like to use a low glycemic index rotini pasta. Cook according to package directions. **I usually cook it a couple of minutes less than the shortest time. It's going to be sitting in a dressing for quite a while and we don't like it mushy.

While the pasta is cooking, I chop a huge onion, some bell pepper and then I seed a cucumber.

Then chunk up the cucumber. It's hard to tell how much food is actually on this chopping board, but it's literally cups of chopped vegetables.

Drain pasta (of course).

We like to add a whole can of sliced black olives.

Put pasta in your huge (trust me) bowl.

Add the olives. And vegetables (I didn't get a picture of this step.)

This is our favorite dressing to use. I stock up when it's Buy-1-Get-1-Free. It takes 2 of the small bottles.

Throw in a cup or so of Parmesan.

And about 1/3lb of your favorite shredded cheese. I also bulk buy this on sale and freeze it. We like Mozzarella.

Here is the bowl bulging with all the stuff. Before it's mixed.

And after it's mixed. I'll also add some garlic powder (just a couple of sprinkles while I'm mixing it) and a couple of shots of balsamic vinegar sometimes. Place in refrigerator until chilled and then pack in airtight container.

It should keep for several days, though it never lasts more than a day or two here. If you add a packet of tuna on your (individual) bowl, it makes a nice, cool supper.

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Christine said...

Yummy, it looks so delicious. Blessings!