Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lots To Do Today

Mike and I went to the funeral home last night. It was the young woman that I'd posted about a few days ago. Unbelievably sad. And draining. The husband walking around like a shell of a man. She looked so little. So young. There were pictures of her little family surrounding the casket.

I had to stop by the grocery store on the way home. I ran into an older woman there who seemed eager to talk. She was telling me her age (75) and the changes she'd seen in her life. She had so much spark and life in her.

Can you imagine her horror when I burst into tears? All I could think of was the young woman who I'd just seen lying in her casket that would never see anymore changes. Not the changes to her children as they grew. Not the changes in her husband. Not the grief of losing her parents. But not the joy of life either.

I quickly made my excuses and finished my shopping in a hurry, coming to the comfort of my home and family. My precious family.

There is much to be done today. My desk is literally overflowing. But I pause today to think of that little family that is grief stricken. Whose lives will never be the same again.


Anonymous said...

Try not to think of what she's going to miss out of, but think of the reunion that she's having..maybe thru the years she's lost friends or maybe Grandparents and now she's seeing them again.

((((Hugs to you Michelle))))

Michelle said...

What a precious thing to say Beth. Thank you.