Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wow...Tuesday Already

It's been a good productive morning so far. Which is a good thing because I've got a lot on my to-do list today.

It's been such an odd time in our home for the last few months. The beginning of DH going to church. And an amazing thing that was/is.

And we've had wonderful things happen since then. Amazing things. Things with the potential to be life altering in such ways I'd have never hoped for.

And then there are trials that have come since that happened. I think it's hurtful to him that things have been so difficult. It's like one temptation after another to keep his mind and actions where they don't need to be. To keep him out of church. To keep him away from doing what he needs to do.

This last week has been better.

So last night I picked up Fascinating Womanhood again. And today I feel a little shame when I think on it. I should have continued reading it when things were not going like I'd hoped. But I just couldn't force myself for some reason. I had a bad attitude.

Well, we live and we learn.

I pray that this upswing continues.

And now to get going on the rest of my morning. : )


LadyLenore said...

I'll pray that the temptations and trials cease or that they will be used by God for glory, that he will bring you all safely out of these things without crumbling your faith, but with more faith and more trust in Christ.

Michelle said...

What a lovely thing to say! Prayers are so appreciated. Thank you.

aliscia said...

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