Monday, July 10, 2006


We had a pretty nice day yesterday. Church was great as usual. Our oldest daughter went with us and that always makes it nice.

We came home and washed the dogs. They desperately needed that. Then Mike watched some TV while I worked on oldest daughters computer. It needed updating, etc.

Middle daughter wanted to go to a youth activity at a neighboring church later in the afternoon, so baby daughter and I took her there while DH went to check on some property. We came back home, cooked, ate, and then left again to pick up middle daughter. Then we met DH at the Honda place to drop off the van (there were several small things that needed to be fixed).

We came home and watched some TV then made it to bed fairly early. A nice relaxing day.

Today, and this week, I hope to get on the household schedule. If I don't get to "down" now, it's going to be harder when all the fall activities start back up.

Time to get started.

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