Sunday, July 16, 2006

I don't know who, if anyone, reads anything here. It's not like I've been here long blogging. But I've been around for several months reading. And I've found it's important for me "what goes in".

There are other places on the web to read about household duties. And there are many other blogging groups. But the air behind them is maybe more important than the content?

Anyway, I like it here. The Christian attitudes and faith are inspiring.

So I'm tempted to come here and not put all of me out on the table, so to speak. ; ) Because when you're the new kid you want everyone to think you're "cool".

But if this is to be a journal, and a place of growth, then it's important that I share my shortcomings as well. Because it's an accountability issue. And because we all have faults. Whether we choose to discuss them in public or not. ; )

On thing about me is that I'm great under pressure. I perform best when there is a deadline. I suppose that's why I love timers and the snooze button so much. I have to have "enough" time or things get stressful of course. But just barely enough time. Squeaking by like a well oiled machine and just barely done in the split last second like one might see in the movies.

But I've been thinking lately that it's really unfair of me to allow this when it involves anyone other than myself. I find that even when DH and kids are involved, I'll push things to the last minute. And we all know that things happen with DH and kids. They DON'T necessarily work great under pressure. And things just happen sometimes to make us not reach our goals in a timely manner. Which can sometimes mean we don't reach them at all.

I'm going to try to find a way to work on this.

But right now, I'm typing when I should be getting ready for church.

But it's okay, cause I've got just *barely* enough time...

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LadyLenore said...

I hear you, I oo am struggling with the same stuff. And while I do well under pressure and infish the job satisfactorily, sometimes it comes with so much stress that I end up crying while I'm doing it, which is ridiculous an dit should stop.

What did the bible say again? Go and look at the ant, hmm, maybe I should.