Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So About Yesterday...

I definitely had a rough morning. But things are better today. :)

My schedule yesterday looked something like this (times are approximate):

8:30 Get up.
8:35 Make coffee, empty dehumidifier
8:45 Start Laundry
9:00 Make breakfast, eat, clean up kitchen
9:45 Read email and daily blogs
10:15 Laundry
10:30 Blog
11:00 Bible time (girls clean their room - then read)
11:45 Finish and put away laundry
12:00 Start housework Monday = kitchen This week detail is door shelves of refrigerator and top of refrigerator.
1:15 "Minute per room clean up"
1:20 Make fruit smoothie for lunch and take it outside to drink
1:30 Outside time.
2:15 Bath, brush teeth, etc
3:00 Errands
5:00 Return home and put things away
5:30 Begin supper
6:30 Eat supper
7:00 Clean up kitchen, empty dehumidifier
7:15 Fun time with girls
8:30 Girl's baths (DH and I relax and watch tv/surf internet/watch movie/talk)
9:00 Girls to bed, prayer time
9:15 DH and I continue with 8:30 activity or maybe swap activities
11:00 - Midnight To bed

I had wanted to post pictures with this, but didn't find the time to do so. I didn't find the time to do it today either. But I hope to post todays "To Do" or really "what I've done" list in a little while.

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