Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Bullets

  • I've put a poll on the sidebar about Christmas. I know it's invasive and personal, but I'm always very curious as to others habits. I plan to do a post on it soon and would love to know your answers.
  • I almost never crave any foods, but have been craving celery (of all things) lately. I literally ate half a bunch yesterday and had some with my eggs this morning! I wonder if there is a vitamin deficiency associated? Does anyone have any thoughts?
  • What is up with sales calls to my cell phone? Are you kidding me? I've gotten several in the last few weeks. One time I answered and the guy quickly pointed out that this was a sales call from Sprint and it wasn't costing me any minutes at all. I asked him if it was costing me minutes to put the person that I was talking to on the other line on HOLD to answer a SALES call? He stammered said he'd call back later. I do not like this at all and will change my service if I have to do so to make it stop. Do other companies do this as well?
  • My garden is winding down. But for some reason the peppers are going crazy! I'm gonna have to watch for the weather to get too cold so I know when to get them all off the vine. Also, I've got tons of basil left to process for winter and strawberries to plant. We started off with 4 strawberry plants last year and we have probably 100 now. Even though we got very few berries this year due to a late freeze. I'm really looking forward to next year.
  • My daughters now only want to take "healthy" food to school. It has to be a stage, right? I mean, I love it. But healthy food is work. I would love ideas on healthy lunchboxbag foods? Oh, and it has to be peanut free for one of the days. That's the hard one.
  • I got asked if I was a GRANDMA yesterday! I was at the store with my oldest daughter who is babysitting her friends baby while she works (long story and one I could rant about, but won't. Today.) and the guy carrying out our groceries asked if that was my GRANDBABY! I said, "No!" Then he asked if it was my baby. And I think I was equally offended. ;D If this isn't incentive to get back into shape and color my hair, I don't know what is...
  • Off to pick up Julia from Co-Op


Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

I have had the same problem with calls to our cell phones, but placed our numbers on the national do not call registry and they stopped. I know they say that telemarketers cannot get your cell number, but that doesn't seem to be 100% true. So, you can try that because then if they do call you, they can be fined several thousand dollars per call. The website is: We have Sprint cell phones, but have never received a single sales call from them.

My name is Michelle. said...

Wow! Thanks for that info! We'd done it for the home phone but who would think that you'd need to for a cell phone? They even call my underage daughters that have a Sprint phone!

And you know, I just wonder who on earth listens to them and then orders stuff? I just can't imagine that people would do that! Ugh!