Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can I Just Say

You women amaze me. You really do.

There is still a bit of time to vote in the poll in the sidebar. Thank you all for sharing a bit of your lives.

I usually start shopping after Oct. 1. Sometimes a bit before if I come across something special by accident. But I purposely start after October. We live in the suburbs but just a few miles from the largest mall in a tri-state area. It's *really* hard to shop here after Thanksgiving. And I've shopped enough online to know that it should be done early as well.

We, no doubt, spend too much money at Christmas time. It's like everyone here does! And I don't mean to say the where we live is affluent! It's just this weird thing here where people tend to spend TONS at Christmas. It is nothing *at all* for kids to get #'s with commas spent on them. Each.


So to those of you who spend less, bravo! I'd love some of your secrets.

More on this later. Time is kinda tight right now. We have the tailgate thing at church tonight. I wasn't very clear about what it is, but each week on Wednesday we have a Bible Study. And we have a themed potluck beforehand. This week is "Tailgating".

I can truly say that I have never tailgated in my life. Never even came close. So this one threw me for a loop. And I really appreciate all of your help with it.

Unfortunately, I won't be using any ideas this week. Well, not personally making anything. Mike is going to pick up hotwings. Seems that the weather channel was off a few days on when the cold was coming in to the area and I have to get all my garden stuff in today. Like 45 minutes ago.

So off with me to get the day started!

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Andrea said...

Hey there!
When you have a free minute, could you share that beefy onion lasagne? I am really eager to get that recipe! Have a great day!! :)