Monday, October 08, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Well, it turns out we didn't stick at all to last weeks menu plan. My husband got a great deal on some meat. So he called me on Tuesday and asked me to check the freezer when I got home. It was half filled with gorgeous steaks of all kinds, chicken, and talipia! So we feasted last week.

What I'm working with this week: Were working on healthy this week. (Healthy for us is low carbs.)

Monday - Leftover steaks, huge leafy greens and vegetable salad.

Tuesday - Roast crockpot whole chicken, vegetable and dip tray

Wednesday - Bible study meal. Theme is "Tailgate". I'm clueless. I'd love some ideas.

Thursday - Chicken burritos (from leftover chicken) on whole wheat burritos with all the fixins.

Friday - Crockpot spicy black beans, chow-chow, cornbread (I have a lower carb mix)

For more food inspiration, check out Laura's blog!


Mary said...

Hmmm, tailgating? That reminds me of big bowls of Cheetos and hotdogs! lol

How about Kebobs? Is this for a group? Then how about wings with ranch dressing? Or maybe a cold cut platter, antipasto style? I LOVE that!
A meat and cheese tray, with crackers, and spreads?

It sounds like it would be fun!

Anonymous said... in like a football type theme? I would suggest different types of cold meat, cheese slices, lettuce, onions, pickles..ya know, sub type stuff and everybody make their own sub to their style. And hot wings are good one too! Don't forget chips! But if you want to make clean-up easy then I'd say make yer own subs and chips..and maybe brownies and cookies for dessert.

Sounds awesome though!

"My Little Wonders" said...

How about walking can check out a recipe here
Or google it....we buy the fritos snack bags and just dump in the ingredients we each like, plastic forks, and no dirty dishes.

Carrie J said...

I always keep it as simple as possible. I usually bring something like sausage balls or sweet and sour meatballs. The one thing that always goes first when I take them is the old reliable Pigs in a Blanket. Guys seem to love those.

My name is Michelle. said...

You guys are the best. What great ideas you've given me! I really appreciate you all taking the time.