Friday, October 26, 2007

Money - Money - Money


The girls had dental cleanings yesterday. I love their dentist. He's the only one the my youngest would go to without completely freaking out when she was little. His office is like a gameroom. He even has a softserve (self serve no less!) machine for the kids. Or the adults. But from now on we will make our appointments for the last ones before lunch. That's the only time they get the cleanings done timely.


We have no dental insurance. And the cleanings were over $400 (together. and in his defense they needed panoramic x-rays, but still). Ouch.

And then this:

has allergies. And needed an allergy shot. She was chewing a literal hole in her backside/tail area. And under her arm. And on one of her feet. And she was scratching all night long and keeping us up. And miserable and pitiful.

But that was another $60something.

Julia (13) is being set up for an ortho consult. We knew it was coming. She needs it (and so will Jillian soon). Oh, and please bring the almost $300 that it will take. And while you're there, lets go ahead and seal the 3 extra permanent teeth that she has gotten. For $40 each.

I also need to make my holiday trip to Sam's. Meaning the last one I will make until January. Meaning I'll be lucky to get out without spending over $500.

Again, ugh.

And then we have Christmas. Well, first we have Halloween (and yes, we dress - though not in anything "bad", and I could write a whole post on my thoughts on holidays and probably will in the future), then Thanksgiving (which costs only for food, but we do spend a little extra on food at that time). And then Christmas. Which is insane here.

I didn't vote in the polls at the left. But if I had voted it would be with the only category that got one vote on the money part. And it's in the high end of that.

I'm tightening the belt everywhere I can, but this is starting to stress me a lot little.

Oh well.


Andrea said...

Hello! :)
I am with you. This is going to be a paricularly hard year. Hubby has been very ill and had to have surgery about three weeks ago. They have diagnosed him with Crohn's disease. He was put on several costly meds. We thought he was getting better but he has relapsed. That is what instigated my post on groceries. We have a TON of medical bills rolling in. At this point we will be fortunate if there is a Christmas here. I will keep you in my prayers for I know that when life seems the toughest that is when we most need to remember that the Lord has always promised to be there for us. I can't count the number of times things have mysteriously come about to aid just when we needed it most. That is the wonderful thing about trusting Him. :)

My name is Michelle. said...

Andrea, I'm so sorry that things are hard for you there. I had no idea that your husband was ill. Your family will be in my prayers. I realize that my post sounded like I was complaining, but I didn't mean it to come across that way and feel a little ashamed after reading your story. And really appreciate the encouragement. We are doing ok. It's just all of that money going out at one time freaks me out a little.

Please share what your comfortable with in your journey. I really care. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Andrea said...

You have been one of the sweetest people I have known since entering the blog world. I did not think you were complaining. More, that I understand how your feeling. It can be scary when things start to pile up on us. Thank You for the prayers, they are most certainly welcome and will be returned!

Carrie J said...

I think it is alright to complain a little every once in a while. It hurts to have to put out so much money. Maybe we feel it more because we always bargain shop and when there are bills you can't control it is troublesome.
This was my first week since coupon shopping that I haven't had to make a grocery trip for anything but but milk and bread. It feels really good.
We are having to repair our porch roof this weekend. It is going to end up costing about $800. We were not expecting it to be so much but when the roof was torn off we found more damage. Sigh.
I can't complain because we are blessed to have a home to repair the roof of.
Take Care and thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog.

"My Little Wonders" said...

I know I am not alone, I will pray for your family too. It must just be that time for all to have struggles.
God Bless Lori