Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Question

Andrea asked if I still made my own laundry detergent and expressed that she was having trouble finding the washing soda. I started to answer her in the comments, but it got too long. Plus I figured she might not be the only one having trouble finding the washing soda, so I wanted to tell how I ended up with it as well.

Yes, I still make almost all of my own laundry detergent. Occasionally if I get super busy and I find some on cheap, cheap sale (less than $2 for 40+ loads) then I'll buy it.

Finding the washing soda was a problem for me too. And no, you can't (in my experience, though I've heard of other that do it) substitute baking soda.

First thing I would do is to ask the store you shop at if they would carry it for you. Lots of stores are happy to get shoppers requests. They may want the UPC# and it's either 33200-03020 or 033200-030201. :D

You can also call this # -


And they'll tell you what stores stock it closest to you. This is what I did and found that they sold it in a little town 30 or so minutes away. The next time I was close, I grabbed about 7-8 boxes while I was there.

And of course you can always buy it online.


But the shipping is really high, so be mindful and see that you are still getting a great deal.

I know this sounds like a lot of work just to get the ingredient, but the savings can be so huge that I definitely think it's worth the effort.

Hope this answered your question. I love to talk about this type of thing, so any other questions/comments ask away!


Andrea said...

Thank You!
That helps alot. I will try calling that number. Here is another question since I forgot to ask it the first time. Do you have to use the Fels Naptha or can you use any bar soap. If it must be the Fels Naptha where might I look for it (besides online- your right, the shipping is outrageous). Thanks again!!

Michelle said...

I've actually never used the Fels Naptha. I usually use Zote because I bought a bunch of it for 69¢ a bar a long time ago at a local Big Lots.

We made laundry soap with our homeschool group and for the local YMCA homeschool board (to show them what we were doing in the class) and I didn't have enough Zote and we used whatever the other teacher might have had in her pantry (it was something dark green?).

Truly the most frugal way to do it is with soap scraps. Whatever you use in the shower, when it gets too small to use, pile the scraps up, grate them down and use that as your soap. Which I have done with Ivory and it worked fine but took a little longer to dissolve in the hot water it seemed.

This is my long winded way to say that you can use whatever soap you want.

The soap will be what gives the detergent it's smell. So whatever soap you use, that's your "scent". If that makes any difference to you.