Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Day After Yesterday

I hope you all had a nice holiday. My husband has the remnants of a sinus infection (and is therefore not sleeping well) so we kept it pretty low key. Hotdogs and slaw. Rice Crispy Treats.

Never say I have no imagination.

If any of you have a Wal*Greens around, they are having a pretty good sale for the rest of the week. Among other (better) sales, they have their Fiber*One Cereal 3/$7. I happen to have a coupon, so I got it 3/$6. Which is pretty good for that type of cereal.

Unfortunately, my family thinks it tastes like twigs.

So I scanned many muffin recipes and came up with one to use up the cereal. I made up a batch (that was supposed to make 50 muffins, but only made 24. why does it always work like that with me?) and amazingly the family devoured them. I made a second batch the next day (well, I made the second pan, the last 12 of the 24. because the dough keeps in the fridge really well) and it's gone too!

I'll try to post the recipe soon.

Lots to do today, better get crackin.

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Naomi... said...

Michelle, I think you're great making muffins for your family! 'Twigs' and all!!! I really have to start baking for my boys. They are not eating fruit like they used to and so the snacks are often lately of the bought variety. Will be checking in for your recipe. Hope you're having a wonderful day!