Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nothing to See Here

The schedule is going pretty good. I've not had any big changes so far but I did fail to schedule a time to clean the top of the fridge. That is the dustiest place for some reason. And it's visible when you walk down the stairs.

Today the sun it out. WooHoo! It's been rainly and cloudy and muggy for so many days that I thought my hair might start to grow mold. Really (almost). The humidity here in this valley can at times be over the top.

I failed to mention that a few weeks ago my bread machine died. Yes, the lovely $5 monstrosity. The machine actually still works, but the rubber piece that holds the kneading bar in came out and when I attempted to wash it out, some little teeny springs came out?

This same bread machine that I paid $5 for is now going used on eBay for like $100. And they're old and you can't buy parts for them anymore. So I decided to go with another one. I'll post about it when it comes. My family really misses the homemade bread.

At Stephanie's Blog she'd mentioned a while ago about some Celtic Sea Salt.

We've typically bought salt from a little natural store downtown, but it's not convenient at all. So I finally broke down and got the kind that Stephanie recommends.

I've not tried it all yet, but the salt and pepper in the grinders are pretty unbelievable.

Best get the day going.


Andrea said...

Hey Michelle!
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my binder! Where did you buy that Celtic Salt? Was it expensive? Also, do you still make your own laundry detergent? Where do you get the washing soda? I went looking at our local Walmart Supercenter and all they carry is the baking soda. I read somewhere that you can't use baking soda as a substitute because its not the same. Let me know what you think! :)

Michelle said...

Hi Andrea, I linked below to the place online that I bought the salt.

The package I got was $23 but that included some type of membership thing so that I could buy again at a lesser amount.

The answer to your laundry detergent go so long that I've put it into another post.