Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Link

I was really convicted while reading this post in Camilla's Blog today.

I encourage you to read her words on this topic and see if you're not touched in the same way.


Andrea said...

I am so glad you linked to this. Truly, this is such a problem today. No trainig.

Michelle said...

I'm co-teaching a Brownie GirlScout event for 6 hours this week. Last night was 3 hours and tonight is 3 more hours. I plan to post many more thoughts on this, including those areas in which I'm guilty, in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Quote from Camilla's blog: "I've run across many children in my life of all ages who have the most horrid toileting habits. I've gone to other homes where boys and men leave drips and spots on the toilet and floor. I've seen children of all ages who go into the bathroom and leave quite a deposit, yet not a shred of toilet paper was touched. I've helped children go to the bathroom only to discover their underwear so filled with feces that I could hardly bear to help them pull them back on. Three to 6 year olds left to take themselves potty and never taught to clean themselves. Children never taught to aim or sit properly, or to at least wipe up misses. Children wearing wet and soiled clothing as just a manner of daily living."

I am a new blogger. Happened upon your blog through "Keeper of the Home".

Mrs. Anderson is not saying the source of how she came upon ALL THESE CHILDREN. My impression is she worked with them. No where in the post does she say they are a)family relations or b) friends of she and/or her husband. This led me to think she may have been in childcare at either a professional or church structure.

While the theme of her post about the need for children to be properly trained is honorable, her post would have been more effective if she didn't generalize so much. I had the feeling this 'epidemic' is widespread; I have never found this to be so. True, cases such as were posted about can be found in stories for many of us. However, although the reader was warned the post was 'not nice'......I did not understand how it would make her feel any better. I find it hard to believe that 'many' (as is implied in her post) almost 6 year olds leave feces in their underwear, unless, as I stated.....she was in a 'childcare' type of situation. This, she does not clarify, leaving the reader to possibly be mistaken that she is talking about the general public. This is a dishonor for her in the Lord. She needed to vent. It must have been very upsetting for her. However, one has to try to 'imagine' scores of children defecating in her bathroom and we all have 'old' people in our families (male) who've....made the bathroom unlovely. Little boys? Simple. Talk to the parents right away. End of that particular child's 'liberty', because one can ask/demand politely the mother takes child to bathroom and cleans it before departing said room.

You were convicted? Has your child defacated another's bathroom in like manner? If so.....be convicted. This post seemed abit over the top for me.


Michelle said...

Hello true north. Thank you for visiting my blog. :) I'm glad you found me through Sharon's blog. She is one of the first women I "met" here. She's is an inspiration.

The written word can be so hard to interpret. I didn't read Camilla's blog at all the way you did. When she said "many children" I certainly didn't picture scores of them as you did. I simply took that as meaning something happening more than a few times. I don't know her well, but have read much of her blog and while I do not always feel convicted about the same things she does, I *do* many times leave her blog with much food for thought.

Having said all of that, what I got out of her post had very little to do with potty training at all. It had much more to do with the lackadaisical attitude toward parenting in general that I do see going on around me much of the time with (what I term) "many children" (certainly not just a few).

And that is where I feel the same conviction (firm belief) as she. Or at least what I perceived to be her conviction.

I apologize if I was unclear.