Monday, January 28, 2008

Menu-Plan-Monday (With Costs!)

Good grief, last week was hectic. And fun. We had company in from out of town and other people added to the mix over for dinner for 3 days in a row. It was almost like cooking Thanksgiving meals every day. And the food! Tons of food. Tons and tons. Too much waste. And heavy food.

We've got to start eating a little lighter.

What I'm working with:
Huge bags of great organic root vegetables. Plus, I hope to clean out the freezer a little this week and use up some things.

On to the menu. Prices are rounded to the nearest 25¢. The total price of food is counted on the day that it is cooked. Leftovers are counted as $0. On any day that no vegetable is mentioned there is a raw vegetable platter served and $2 is added to the menu cost for that day for the cost of the vegetables with dressing. There are always homemade rolls. They cost me less than 35¢ to make and last for several days.

Monday - Bean burritos (from leftover frozen beans and ham) with fixins. Raw vegetable platter. $3.75

Tuesday - Alanna's Mexican Rice Bake with a huge salad. Homemade whole wheat bread. $11.00

Wednesday - Dinner at Church. It's Italian night. I'll bring lasagna and rolls. $10.25

Thursday - Leftover Mexican Rice Bake. Raw vegetable platter. $2

Friday - Crockpot heavy seasoned chicken breasts shredded on a salad. $11.00

Total for the work week - $38.00

For more menu inspiration, head over to Laura's Blog!

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Nancy said...

I'm so impressed that you figure out the prices for your dinners. What a fabulous idea! Your meals look great. I have been doing a bit of stockpiling and I hope to eat out of the freezer and pantry, too.
Have a wonderful week.