Saturday, January 19, 2008

Menu Plan Monday (with costs!)

We've got company in town so the cost of food will be a bit higher this week. Both because we're feeding more people and because I probably won't serve leftovers to company. Since the company is coming in on Sunday, I'm typing this up on Saturday, and will include an extra day in my calculations this week.

What I'm working with:

A plethora of food.

On to the menu. Prices are rounded to the nearest 25¢. The total price of food is counted on the day that it is cooked. Leftovers are counted as $0. On any day that no vegetable is mentioned there is a raw vegetable platter served and $2 is added to the menu cost for that day for the cost of the vegetables with dressing. There are always homemade rolls. They cost me less than 35¢ to make and last for several days.

Sunday - Meatloaf, The Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes, Slaw (which I must post the recipe for soon), and something green (broccoli, spinach?), with Rolls. We'll also have dessert. I'm hoping I can find some ripe bananas and make a fabulous banana pudding, and there will be a fruit cakey decadent thing called Orange Slice Cake. $42.00 (I counted for the whole cake here which is pretty expensive to make.)

Monday - Crockpot roast and carrots, Kasha Varnishka, Sweet Potato Casserole, my new homemade whole wheat bread (that I still haven't posted the recipe). For dessert we'll have Rugelach, and homemade warm chocolate chip cookies (with vanilla ice cream). $33.00

Tuesday - Lasagna with homemade garlic cheese biscuits. Dessert will be Brownies with vanilla ice cream. $29.00

Wednesday - Church dinner. I'll bring dessert. $3

Thursday - Leftover smorgasbord $0

Friday - Leftover smorgasbord $0

Total for the week - $107.00

Be sure to check out Laura's Blog for more menu ideas!


justkc said...

The menu sounds delicious and the totaling your meals is really impressive!

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Oh goodness. I must be hunry b/c my mouth is watering!!!!