Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Ok, I know this takes a little bit of time to do, but please consider it. I'd love to see where you ladies spend your online time when not reading blogs. :)

Five Links

Just copy paste this and everything below up until my Five links:

Lara thought it would be cool to have a meme where we post links. We can post up to five. Then we tell five more people to share their links. If we all share who tagged us, our links are sure to be seen!
They can be business links, favorite sites, affiliate links, whatever you want…
There are Five Rules:
1. MUST be clean. No R rated sites.
2. Only FIVE links.
3. MUST tell 5 people.
4. A link back to the person who tagged you
5. Lara’s Place is the meme originator. (an active link would be appreciated)


These are in random order.

Forum for C*VS deals Where I can see the deals in advance and plan accordingly.

E-Sword A fabulous comparative Bible study.

A Game It's addictive. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Netrition I order from them a lot. They carry my low glycemic index pasta that I mentioned HERE and tons of other low sugar items.

Equal Exchange Coffee This place has the worlds best coffee. And the prices are WAY lower than buying gourmet coffee from the store (remember to compare the prices by the pound, they frequently sell coffee in bricks less than a pound). My favorite? Love Buzz Organic Whole Bean.

Now I'm supposed to tag five people.

I don't want to put anyone on the spot, but I'd love to hear from you if you found this informative!

I was tagged by Andrea!


Andrea said...

Hi Michelle!
I am glad you joined in! I thought it would be really neat to see what other people put up besides blogs. I blame you- got myself hooked on that game this morning, now my kids are too! LOL I did make the 18 seconds though :)

Lisa Kay said...

I enjoy reading your blog and considered myself tagged.

The "A Game" site is so addictive!

Have a great day!

Michelle said...

Andrea, 18 seconds is tough! Good job! If you want to have some fun with the kids, right mouse click after just a couple of seconds in the game...wait a couple of minutes...restart it and call the kids over. It counts the seconds that you were "paused". It messed my girls up to think I did it 3 minutes! LOL Of course I told them the truth. Eventually.

Lisa Kay, I love your blog too! I'm going to add you to my fav's if you don't mind. And thanks so much for playing along!

Andrea said...

Michelle, you naughty girl! LOL That was funny, I'll have to try it. :)

Lisa Kay said...

Michelle, I'd be honored! Thanks!